Outdoor Safety Showers

February 5th, 2009

I still remember how I used to get eye infection after a friend who got conjunctivitis attended school. It was a painful experience and my eyes feel itchy for days. From that day onwards, I know that I shouldn’t be too near with anyone that has pink eye and I find out about eye baths.

It is hard to imagine getting pink eye again but I know the possibility is there. Our eyes are very sensitive and it is not hard for it to get infection that can spread easily on the air. You can prevent from getting eye infection by wearing safety goggles but that is obviously not a practical solution if you’re outside of your working place.

Working in a factory can be a hazard because there are flammable chemicals that could cause problems to the eyes. That’s why you can see most of the high tech factory always have outdoor safety showers and emergency eye baths for their employees. But you need to make sure they’re clean before you use them to clean your eyes.

These equipments are essential because you will never know when you will need it. It is always better to stay safe by preparing a precaution strategy for your eyes protection, especially in a highly hazardous area.

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