Hemroids Treatment Diet

July 8th, 2007

The swollen veins protruding around your anus are known as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by constant sitting, chronic constipation, too much straining, child birth and heavy lifting. Hemorrhoids also have a genetic predisposition.

Hemorrhoids are classified either as internal or external. An internal hemorrhoid does not itch basically because there are no visible protrusions around the anus. The bleeding is evident though since it develops inside the lower rectum.

An external hemroid on the other hand has a visible protrusion around the anus. This protrusion causes a multitude of uncomfortable symptoms like itching. This type of hemorrhoid needs medical attention to prevent advancement of the disease.

Hemorrhoids can be prevented by a number of practical and simple ways. Walk around for a few minutes if your job requires you to just sit from 8 to 5. Avoid lifting very heavy objects. Eat foods high in fiber to prevent constipation. Evacuate your bowel regularly. Avoid forceful coughing as this increases the intra-abdominal pressure causing more pressure on the rectal vessels.

There are also numerous proven treatments for thrombosed hemorrhoids. First, patients with hemorrhoids must be relieved of the uncomfortable symptoms of the disease. Thus, pain medications may be taken if the patient with hemorrhoids is in pain. The size of hemorrhoids can be shrunk by applying topical creams on it as prescribed by your doctor.

Use stool softeners to prevent discomfort and further bleeding when defecating. This also eliminates the need to strain while moving the bowel. Remember that the primary cause of hemroids is straining, since this increases the pressure on the rectal vessels. Do not use tissue or toilet paper when defecating. Friction will cause further bleeding to the hemorrhoids.

Your physician might prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to remedy the discomfort caused by the hemorrhoids. Hydrocortisones on the other hand will decrease the swelling of the hemorrhoids. These hydrocortisones are usually in the form of rectal suppositories, thus, faster absorption is achieved.

The treatment of choice for hemorrhoids is still surgical removal. As the patient ages, the blood vessels become incompetent and are at higher risks for rupture. Hemorrhoids among the elderly are very common. Medications may temporarily treat the discomfort but a relapse of the symptoms is likely. Fact is that a multitude of inflammatory bowel diseases evolve from simple hemorrhoids like rectal cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and bowel infection.

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids do not resolve within two weeks of aggressive drug therapy, then it’s time to see your doctor since your hemorrhoids may have progressed to thrombosed hemorrhoids. No medication is effective with thrombosed hemorrhoids. The treatment of choice for thrombosed hemorrhoids is still hemorrhoidectomy or the surgical removal of the protruding hemorrhoids.

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