Have a great experience of Princess Cruise Line from

January 21st, 2008

The cruise holiday vacation is synonymous with the Princess Cruise Line. Traveling in this Princess Cruises it is almost a dream come true offer and the popularity is increasing at greater extent. It is treated as the world as “The Love Boat” since the year 1977. More that thirty years this Princess Cruises has been fulfilling the dreams of people by providing them a great luxurious holidays in the cruise line. Starting from the splendid sophisticated dinning till Pizza at midnight each and every wish of every individual is fulfilled making the vacation a dream trip. Even the trained staffs are also very gentle and the satisfactory standard has reached to a summit.  

Apart from Princess Cruise line NCL Freestyle Cruising is also very famous as it is fundamentally diverse in comparison to other cruise line. It is ultimate place where people get to calm down and enjoy from the busy schedules of life. It is referred as the place where people control their own time. Generally in various other cruise line people have to follow a definite dine routine. But the restaurants are opened from the evening where people can have their dinner at own time duration. Even the dress code is also very relaxed in this. So just book the reservation for the cruise deals for the next holiday from  

Who is going to Paris?

January 6th, 2008

You’d rather worry if you were mot going because if you are visiting Paris your joys are endless. The Paris bed and breakfast options are many and certainly the B&B Paris offer adds an old time touch to your holiday. Start your day with French pastries, croissants and the likes and let your Hotel Paris bring in the holiday mood.

The Best Surfboards On The Beach

August 13th, 2007

Surfers start off their surfing lives typically on a mini-mal or a mal (longboard) surfboard made from foam or conventional surfboard blank and fiberglass. As a surfer’s ability increases, surfers can choose to progress unto sometime shorter and more responsive. Today, there is a great amount of diversification in the market of surfboards - choose from big wave guns, all rounder shortboards, super light and thin shortboards and surfboards from a range of shapers made either handcrafted or machine made.

Out from this sea of surfboards has arisen a new breed of surfboard, Surftech Surfboards. Surftech founder and president Randy French has succeeded at taking proven board designs from the best shapers such as Al Merrick Surfboards and mass-producing them in a stronger, lighter material.

Renowned shapers such as Al Merrick, John Carper, Jeff Bushman, Greg Webber and many other world class shapers have caught a hold of the Surftech vision giving surfers an amazing choice of surfboards to choose from. The reaction to the new Surftech Surfboards has been largely positive, as Surftech’s are held in high esteem by pro surfers as well as the average surfer. Keep an eye out for Surftech’s to start appearing on the WCT towards the end of the year and into 2008. Now, you can order your new Surftech Surfboards from and have the board shipped to your address, ready for you to wax up and hit the beach.

Travelling in Italy? Try renting holiday villas direct from the owners

August 9th, 2007

I do quite a bit of travelling these days as I am retired. I always like to record my travel experiences on my travel blog. I managed to get a free travel blog at 365 travel. They have a good travel community going on over there.

My latest trip was to Italy. I love italian food and the people are so nice. I spent a lot of my time staying in holiday villas in Italy. I used to rent them direct from the owner to save money. I think holiday rentals direct from the owner, are one of the best ways to holiday. I shall continue to use this cheap holiday accomodation method for my next adventure.

Dumaguete City - The City of Gentle People

July 8th, 2007

What other place could allure your heart more than the city named after the word captivation itself? Dumaguete from the word "dumagit", which under colloquial term means to attract, is well known for its compelling and inviting appeal to tourists local and abroad, hence, the name…

A city in Negros Oriental, it is the largest among the province, with approximately 55.80 square kilometers in land area, and is the central seaport in the area. The city has a total population of 102, 265 people as of 2000 according to NSO Population Census and is politically divided into 30 Barangays all classified as urban.

Not to be outdone in the field of academics, the Dumaguetenos pride in their scholastic repertoire. In fact, Dumaguete is famous for housing Silliman University. It is the pioneer protestant based and American-established university in entire Asia. Since its establishment in 1901, the school has come a long way and is now recognized by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as "Center for Excellence" in the fields of nursing, education, and Coastal Resource Management. It is also CHED’s Center for Development in Physics, Biology, Marine Sciences Mechanical Engineering, and Business and Management Education.

Aside from Silliman University, other universities in the city include Negros Oriental State University, Foundation University, and Saint Paul Universities. Colleges within the city’s vicinity include AMA Computer College, Asian College of Science and Technology, and STI College among others.

Clearly, with its urban status, it is safe to say that Dumaguete is doing well economically speaking. Its income comes mostly from the business process outsourcing industry (BPO). In fact, Teletech, one of the worlds biggest call center firms conducts its operations here and has put up one of its major offices in the city.

A coastal city bounded to the Mindanao Sea on the east and Tanon Strait, it has a plethora of beach resorts and dive sites that have attracted a significant volume of tourists from around the world. It is also famous for its whale and dolphin watching in Bais Bay. and the magic and mystery of Siquijor Island.

Adding to its appeal is the general temperament of local folks. "Dumaguetenos" are known for their gentle nature. Dumaguete is in fact known as the City of Gentle People. Adding reinforcement to this fact, it was declared as the Most Child Friendly City in Region VII last 2006.

Indeed, the combination of good nature and good people in general has made Dumaguete one of the most visited tourist spots in the country.

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