The Doors – L. A. Woman

August 20th, 2007

L.A. WomanThe album by The Doors is considered to be their greatest masterpiece. There is not one single track in the album that is considered boring, and this was also sentimental because it was Jim Morrison’s last album with the group. The band has composed very interesting music for this album, because it is a mixture of slight rock and blues. One song cannot be singled out, because each one has been crafted very well. Though the music is enticing in The Doors – L.A. Woman, a lot of criticism arose about the way Jim Morrison sang. He was said to have sounded very dull and the spark did not seem to be there as before.

There is a lot of intensity in every song, as it relates personally to Jim and his wife. Through the soul of music of this album, he has expressed his deepest feelings and desires. All the songs sound alive with passion, and this is also considered to be one of the greatest albums of all times. The Doors – L.A. Woman transcends generations with the pure passion, and connects people through the words of music. With this album, The Doors made history by being one of the bands that will never be forgotten by this world.

Don’t know Radiux? Read why you should!

August 15th, 2007

Printed Yellow Page providers charge hundreds of Dollars (typically close to$600) for standard listings in their local books. And as we all know most recipients of these books - or at least those with Internet access - will throw these right into the trash bin. Yellow pages are an anachronisms in the Digital Age.

If you own a local business you should familiarize yourself with the online offers that are out there. You might want to buy a Yahoo or Google listing or if you are on the frugal site look into the newest online yellow pages called Radiux. Radiux offers their listings for only $6.95/month and basic entires are even free. And Radiux seems to more and more outrank established Yellow Page sites like and, which charge 5-10 times as much as Radiux.

So, if you have not seen Radiux you might check out their website at today!

AmeriGlide Stair Lift - The Perfect Insight

July 8th, 2007

I know. At first glance, having stairlifts installed in your home may seem such an extravagant thing to do but if you truly care about your loved one and want to make sure that nothing harmful and which could be prevented could happen to them, you should know that a AmeriGlide Stair Lift can certainly decrease the risk of accidents happening.

With elderly people, one of their gravest concerns is when they’re forced to go up and down the stairs, especially when the steps are quite narrow. With a home stair lift, you’ll be able to breathe more easily knowing that all your loved one has to do is press a button on the joystick and within seconds, he’s transported to whichever floor he’s heading for.

If you’re convinced already about the extreme usefulness of stairlifts, here are some features that a good stairlift product must possess.

Lifetime Warranty
Naturally, whatever you’re about to purchase, it’s always more preferable to purchase a product that has lifetime warranty than one that only has, say, four months worth of warranty.

Rack and Pinion Drive Type – The rack and pinion drive type of stairlifts is most preferred by consumers because not only does it run more smoothly compared to other drive types of stairlifts, its machine also runs more quietly so if there’s a constant need to use the stairlifts, people who are still sleeping or have the need to concentrate on a particular matter wouldn’t be that bothered by the noise.

According to some reviews made on residential stair lifts, consumers usually prefer stairlifts that run on DC power because it’s supposedly safer and guarantees smooth running of the machine, more so than an AC powered chair stairlift product could.

A lot of companies boast that all of their stairlift products are easy to install and so it may be for those gifted with understanding instruction manuals. If you’re the type who still doesn’t know how to operate your DVD player, my advice for you is to ask the manufacturer to send a technician who can install the product for you. Stairlifts would after all be used by either the elderly or the infirmed so you must be as careful as possible.

Primary Use – Not all stairlift products may be used in any type of setting. If your staircase is quite narrow, you may be forced to use one that’s particularly built for narrow stairs but these products normally has less features compared to others. There are also stairlifts that are just built for indoor use so if you want one for outdoor use, you need to find a product that could serve such a purpose.

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