Grow your own Banana tree

October 27th, 2007

The banana tree is one of the simplest to grow. The banana tree can be grown without much effort from the rhizome which is known to be the storehouse of energy of the banana tree. All you have to do is buy a rhizome that is prepared for planting and you can start off straight away.

A banana tree plant is a very low maintenance plant. However, it would be best to know the basics of caring for your banana plant:

  1. The banana plant requires soil that is well drained.

  2. Use of a fertilizer would provide your banana plant with all the required nutrients. It would be best to use a fertilizer of good quality. Add it to the water used for watering your banana plant.

  3. The banana trees originated in the tropical land of South East Asia and thus, require a lot of sunlight. You must place it at a location where it gets bright sunlight for atleast 12 hours a day.

  4. The banana plant would grow well given a temperature of 80F during the day and atleast 65 to 70F during the nights.

  5. High humidity conditions would be best suited for your banana plant.

With good care you would soon have a lovely banana tree and then can relish the dishes made out of the banana tree flower. Find all the help that you need to grow a beautiful healthy banana tree plant at


October 27th, 2007

Flax seed oil is of great advantages to human kind. Flax seed oil has various utilities in various forms. Flax seed oil is edible and is used in various form of cooking. But one must keep in mind that cooking with flax seed oil is always not possible. This is because flax seed oil contains linolenic acids, which are unstable in high temperatures and hence cannot be used for cooking. But flax seeds have various uses as source of nutrition.

A good amount of flax seed oil can be used in salads and fruits as an alternative to omega 6fatty acid, which is not so good for health. Benefits of flax seed oil are numerous. Body builders use flax seed oil as their fat supplement, it is good for the eyes, fights disease relating to prostate, helps those who suffer from constipation.
It is good for the skin and healthy hair growth. But one should always keep in mind that flax seed oil is a form of fat and too much of fat consumption is not good for the health. Thus flaxseed website, gives us detailed information about flax seed oil and all that we want and should know.

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