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June 20th, 2008 serves as a source of information on health and diet. All your questions on health topics are answered in this new and unique site. You can find healthy tips on eating right, exercise and fitness in this site. Identifying diseases based on its symptoms and getting to know the treatment options and centers are other added features of the site. The site also has a database of information on consumer libraries all over the world. There is also a guide to other websites on health and nutrition. This unique site gives information on some rare diseases affecting the older generation. Information is updated constantly so that you get only relevant information. There is also the parenting section where you can know everything regarding bringing up your child. The site will also keep you informed about the latest happenings in medical research and how to enjoy an active lifestyle and be free of diseases. 

There are also links to health libraries, interesting articles and blogs related to health and health videos. Where to go for evaluation and treatment, resource of health care professionals also find a special mention in the site.

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