Cord Blood Banking – Pros and Cons

November 7th, 2007

While opting for cord blood banking, it is necessary to know the pros and cons associated to it:
Pros of Cord Blood Bank:

Possibilities of Treatment
Banking cord blood widens the possibilities of treatment while dealing with numerous diseases. Currently, it cures more than 45 disorders and diseases. It is beneficial in cases where your kid requires fighting with a hereditary disease.

Donation Solution
Cord bloods can be readily acquired if needed by any of your family members or the child. It becomes imperative in cases where finding matching blood for kids belonging to particular races becomes difficult.

There is no question of incompatibility in case of cord bloods as they are directly collected from infants and comprises of immature stem cells.

Cons of banking cord bloods: Price
Cord Blood storage
is an expensive affair. Most parents cannot execute the affair for financial reasons only. However, there is availability of organizations charging little or no charge to you. Still, knowing the advantages of the cord bloods, you should not allow the price to become a factor.

Size and Requirement
Transplant of cord blood can be useful only for individuals having weight below 115 pounds. Above that, the chances of success are very minimal.
Again the requirement of cord bloods is minimal in the current world and only one in almost 20,000 families opt for the expensive banking procedure.
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